CitraSolve Natural Degreaser


Brite Products CitraSolve is a versatile and safe all-natural cleaning concentrate for industrial plants and automobiles.

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CitraSolve Natural Degreaser

Experience the power of all-natural cleaning with Brite Products CitraSolve, a water and solvent miscible super concentrate. Designed with safety and versatility in mind, CitraSolve harnesses the grease-dissolving capabilities of petroleum solvent blends without the associated toxicity or flammability. Ideal for use in a wide array of settings, this product excels in industrial plants, bilges, and automobiles, demonstrating exceptional performance on machinery and floors.

Despite its strength in heavy-duty applications where a water-based degreaser is needed, CitraSolve retains a gentle touch for more delicate tasks. It cleans wheels, tires, and engines with ease, while also being safe enough for use on carpets, vinyl, and plastic surfaces inside vehicles. With CitraSolve, enjoy a robust, all-purpose cleaner that doesn’t compromise on safety or efficacy​1​.

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