Cobble Clean


Cobble Clean by SurfaceLogix is a powerful and versatile degreaser that removes tough stains like oil and grease.

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Cobble Clean

Experience the power of eco-friendly cleaning with SurfaceLogix’s Cobble Clean. This heavy-duty degreaser is a concentrated blend of biodegradable solvents and detergents, formulated to remove stubborn stains like oil, grease, chewing gum, and tire marks​1​.

Cobble Clean is not your average cleaner. Its commercial-grade formulation can be diluted 15 to 1, providing a cost-effective solution for your cleaning needs​1​. Whether it’s for commercial property maintenance or simple home cleaning, Cobble Clean does the job effectively. It’s suitable for cleaning any walking or driving surface, including concrete, stone, and pavers​1​.

Using Cobble Clean is straightforward. It can be used straight for tough stains or diluted to suit your needs. Always remember to test it on sealed surfaces first, as its strength may strip some coatings. Apply generously to the area you want to clean, wait for a minute, and scrub with a brush. For stubborn stains, let it sit for about five minutes before scrubbing. A thorough water rinse should follow all applications. If oil spots rise to the surface within 24 hours, a repeat cleaning may be necessary​1​.

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