Aluma-Brite from Brite Products restores shine to tarnished aluminum surfaces, ideal for trucks, trailers, aircraft exteriors, and aluminum boats.

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Transform your tarnished or corroded aluminum surfaces back to their bright and shiny state with Aluma-Brite from Brite Products. As a powerful aluminum cleaner, Aluma-Brite is specially designed to clean, brighten, and gently deoxidize all types of bare aluminum surfaces including castings, extrusions, diamond plate, and flat aluminum​1​.

Aluma-Brite quickly removes road soil, exhaust deposits, and other contaminants from truck, trailer, and aircraft surfaces, restoring them to their original luster​2​. This clear, odorless solution of acid-type cleaners and wetting agents is formulated for deoxidizing and cleaning aluminum truck trailers and other transportation equipment​2​. It is readily soluble in cold water and can be easily rinsed off for full flushing, making your cleaning process hassle-free​2​.

Ideal for use on aluminum trailers, boats, and wheels, Aluma-Brite leaves a bright, fresh milled aluminum look on any bare aluminum surface. It’s no surprise that it comes highly recommended by leading boat manufacturers for maintenance on their boats​1​.

Available in 1 or 5 gallons

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