Microfiber Wax Pad


Elevate your car detailing with our 5-inch Blue Microfiber Wax Pad, designed for a flawless finish using premium microfiber fabric. Achieve a showroom-worthy shine efficiently and without scratches, making this versatile and durable wax pad a must-have for car enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Microfiber Wax Pad

Achieve an unmatched shine with our 5-inch Blue Microfiber Wax Pad – a must-have for car detailing enthusiasts and professionals. This comprehensive product description highlights the key features and benefits that set this wax pad apart:

Key Features:

  1. Premium Microfiber Material: Our Blue Wax Pad boasts top-grade microfiber fabric, ensuring exceptional results. Its ultra-soft, absorbent fibers provide a smooth, streak-free application of wax, polish, or sealant, enhancing your vehicle’s paint’s luster and protection.
  2. Optimal Size: With its 5-inch diameter, this pad balances coverage and precision. It fits comfortably in your hand, allowing precise control during application, even on intricate surfaces.
  3. Versatile Application: Beyond waxing, our Blue Pad handles various automotive products. Whether you’re polishing, buffing, or sealing, it adapts for consistent, professional-grade results.
  4. Durable and Reusable: Designed for rigorous use, this wax pad isn’t disposable. It’s easily cleaned and maintained, remaining a valuable part of your detailing toolkit for multiple projects.


  • Enhanced Shine: Our premium microfiber material highlights your vehicle’s paint, leaving it showroom-ready.
  • Time Efficiency: The 5-inch diameter speeds up tasks, reducing time and effort.
  • Scratch-Free Application: This pad’s gentle touch prevents unsightly scratches and swirl marks during application.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts, it adapts to any automotive project, an essential tool for your collection.

Elevate your car detailing with our Blue Microfiber Wax Pad. Achieve a mirror-like shine, reduce task time, and ensure a scratch-free application. Order now for professional-grade results!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in