Telescoping Wands Heavy Duty Model 206.018 6ft to 18 ft or Model 206.024 6ft to 24ft


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Shipping Weight 20 lbs.

6″x 6″ x 80″



Telescoping Wands
Heavy Duty
Model 206.018 6ft to 18 ft
4000 PSI Max Pressure (275 BAR)
8.0 GPM Max Flow (30.4 LPM)
200°F Maximum Temperature
6′ 6″ to 18′ length
1/4″ hose
Heavy Duty AluminumTelescoping Wands Clean areas from 6
½ ft up to 24 ft high without the use of a ladder. The telescoping
wand is ideal for cleaning second story walls, gutters, soffits, and
many other hard to reach areas. The lightweight fiberglass
construction makes the long wand easy to hold, and the screw-
type lock ensures that the poles will not move or slip during
operation. Make your cleaning jobs even easier with optional long
wand accessories such as a gutter cleaner, rotating brush, and
belt kit.

Easily clean rooftops and tough to reach areas with a
telescoping wand.
Strong and thick inner poles with less flex while extended.
Double lock pin helps prevent slippage due to dirt and
Threaded gun for quick removal and easy field repair.
Three aluminum poles for maximum strength.
M22 screw-type connections to easily and securely add
Lightweight design

Shipping Weight 20 lbs.

6″x 6″ x 80″

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 4 × 6 in

206.012H, 206.018H