450 Gallon Low-Profile Pickup Tank



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Shipping Wt: 105 lbs.

Size: 62″D x 41″H

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450 Gallon Low-Profile Pickup Tank

NOTE: These Tanks require sidewall support
Low Profile, fits in pickup beds with a minimum length
and width of 53″. Features wheel ell recesses on each side
Gallon indicators are included on each end of the tank and a rib on
each end to recess the drain fitting. Furnished with our NEW 7″ threaded neck
style vented lid assembly. Specific gravity on standard tank is 1.7
Furnished with 2″ FPT polypropylene fitting with Santoprene gasket
and syphon tube.
This new tank is a great option for owners of compact and mid-size
pickup trucks, including the 2005 – 2007 models of the Nissan Frontier,
GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota, and
Chevrolet Colorado. (Please verify box sizes with dealer).

Part Number: A-PU0450-62
Capacity: 450 Gallons
Size: 62″D x 41″H
Weight: 105 lbs.