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Pressure Washers USA carries Generators designed for professional use. Scroll down to read more about the difference between Generators and Inverter Generators.

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Generators – Inverter Generators, The difference?

Whats the difference? Depending on your needs there can be a huge difference.

Generators consist of a combustion engine which is attached to an alternator that produces electricity. The engine must run at a constant speed (usually 3600 rpm) to produce the standard current that most household uses require. If the engine’s rpm fluctuates, so does the frequency (Hertz) of electrical output. Generators tend to offer higher wattage outputs at a lower cost, but they are extremely noisy, provide power that is not safe for all devices and tend to be much less portable than Inverter Generators.

Inverter Generators
Inverter Generators (often incorrectly shortened to “inverters”) are a relatively new technological development. These are generators that output AC current like traditional generators (but at variable, often lower RPM), but that current is converted to DC and then inverted back to a “clean” AC power – it maintains a single phase, and pure sine wave at the required voltage and frequency…Why? Because most products today use some form of microprocessor – including computers, phones, TVs, game consoles, DVD players, and even many kitchen appliances and power tools. These are very sensitive to the quality of the electricity they use. Using power that isn’t “clean” can make these devices malfunction or even permanently damage them.

Inverter Generators tend to offer lower wattage per unit at a higher cost, but they are much quieter, provide power usable by most devices and are smaller and very portable. They tend to be much more fuel efficient and (unlike generators) they can usually be connected via a parallel adapter to provide higher wattages.

Inverters (true inverters)
A traditional inverter is merely a conversion device that draws power from a fixed DC source (typically like a car battery), and uses electronic circuitry to “invert” the DC power into the AC power. It does not actually generate any power. We do not currently stock this kind of Inverter.